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Reclaimed teak root oval coffee table, with glass top 120 x 80cm
Reclaimed teak  root oval coffee table, view of glass top.
Teak root oval coffee table, side view.
Teak root oval coffee table 120x80cm top view.
Teak Root Oval Coffee Table - 120x80cm

Teak Root Oval Coffee Table - 120x80cm

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These striking Reclaimed Teak Root Coffee Tables will create a unique focal point for any room. Topped with tempered safety glass with a smooth, bevelled edge, allowing you to see the beauty of these unique pieces.

Each of our hand-crafted teak root table bases is completely unique, varying in shade, shape and size, no two are alike. The beautiful, natural features of each individual piece will add character to your home, working equally well in a traditional or contemporary setting.

These beautiful teak roots, that were previously left in the ground, are now being excavated and reclaimed into these wonderful handcrafted products allowing the re-planting of young teak trees for future generations. As each piece is unique, once we have received your order, we will send you photographs of the roots we have available in stock for you to select from.

Material: Teak Root and Glass
Table Top: 120x80cm Oval tempered safety glass. Thickness 10mm
Root Base (DxWxH): 60x100x45cm - Approximate dimensions, each root will vary slightly