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Summer 2022 Home Decor Trends

Now the sun is starting to reappear along the Cornish coastline, we think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung! The days are starting to get longer and here at Rustic House, we’re already daydreaming of summer escapes and time spent at home with loved ones.

If you’re like us and are ready to prep your home with that chic, sunny summer style, here’s the ultimate guide of the home decor trends set to take the summer of ’22 by storm…

Teak root sculpture

Teak Root Sculpture


Your home is your kingdom; a designated space to switch off, be yourself and recharge those batteries. With all the making up for lost time laying ahead of us this summer, creating designated spaces for mindfulness and relaxation is a must for 2022.

Whether it’s wholesale changes to a room such as treating yourself to a luxuriously comfy chair to meditate or curl up in with a book, or simple yet effective changes like introducing a source of softer lighting into your bedroom - as long as you want to spend hours just existing in your creation, that’s all that matters.

Jungle Aesthetic

Speaking of kingdoms, there’s another that is set to take over the home decor world this summer, with the luscious greens and untamed look of the jungle making their way indoors. Naturally, this is all about embracing your wild side, taking a few risks and introducing some materials and patterns you might not otherwise try out.

However, when recreating any real-word environment the devil is in the detail! Accessories are our top tip for selling an aesthetic, capturing the unpredictable yet rich landscape through pieces often sourced authentically. Here at Rustic House, we’re experts in bringing a dash of Indonesia to your home, whether that’s through reclaimed wood tea lights, teak vases, or stunning root sculptures - we’ve got you covered.

Detail image of bamboo and rattan stool

Bamboo & Rattan Kitchen Counter Stool

Organic Textures

Blooming flowers and trees full of life are some of the most glorious sights nature has to offer, engaging every one of the senses in a way that is difficult to replicate - but not impossible…

Wooden furniture is as classic as it is beautiful, so investing in it not only sets your home up for the summer of 2022, but will stand the test of time through good weather and any excuse to get together with your favourite people. Each different type of wood has its own unique texture and character, so there’s plenty of room to combine materials to represent your own voice.

Our catalogue includes rattan, suar, teak, live-edge and items made from many more types of wood, meaning in just one delivery you can transform your home into an organic, natural oasis.

Round and Round

Welcoming, charming and stylish to the extreme, circular furniture is the next step in inviting decor design. Perfect for any second home or holiday space, softer curves create a relaxing, distinctive feel - an ideal getaway from the more rigid angles you tend to find in practical pieces.

There’s also plenty of scope to go as big with this as you like; from smaller ceramic vases,  or chopping boards, to big-ticket items like circular dining tables or show-stopping light fixtures, the round revolution extends far beyond the usual soft furnishings (although our sofa range is equally as appealing!)

Reclaimed wood chopping board

Reclaimed Wood Chopping Board

Evolved Farmhouse

The farmhouse look has seen a resurgence over the past two decades, only going from strength to strength and popping up in more homes across the world as time has gone on. But, like all the best fashion trends, it never stands still! Farmhouse in 2022 is a completely different proposition, and a gorgeous one at that!

Borrowing touches from more continental European trends such as a combination with gold and rose hues, farmhouse aesthetics are now at the cutting edge of modernity. So, by pairing this look with the other tips we’ve mentioned - curved seating and mixed textures in particular - you’re onto a winner!

Farmhouse dining table with eight kubu dining chairs

Farmhouse Dining Set with Kubu Chairs

So there you have it! Everything you need to navigate the 2022 season and rejuvenate your home. The Rustic House website is filled with pieces that will help you to capture a modern yet timeless look, and remember that our showroom is constantly receiving new deliveries of exclusive pieces that can’t be found anywhere else! Pay us a visit and be sure you don’t miss out.

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