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Our Home Staging Service Explained

Home staging aims to present your property in its best light, helping to minimise many of the stresses selling a home provides. Home staging not only helps you sell quicker, but it can also help to drive the value of your property up. For these reasons, whether you are a developer or just looking to sell up, our home staging service is certainly something you should consider employing.

Research by the Home Staging Association of the UK and Ireland in 2019 found that home staging not only increased the number of viewings and sped up property sales, but also helped 83% of developers receive an increase in offer value. Further research by Rightmove has found that staged homes can sell for 8% more than un-staged ones. So, home staging is your best bet if selling quickly and at a premium sounds good to you!

Home staging comes in many forms, from advice on how to present your property more effectively, to full-service providers who will not only provide you with furniture to fit out an empty property, but also decorate to make it look like more like a home. However, these services often come at a great cost and can leave you worried whether your large initial outlay will be paid back with the outcome you are hoping for.

Breakfast table

Natural Live Edge Dining Table

Introducing: Home Staging the Rustic House Way!

Rustic House’s Home Staging service provides our clients with all the upsides home staging brings, with a simple cost-efficient fixed fee.

For only £1500 we will work with you to provide a package from our range of furniture and accessories that will help your property to look its best. What’s more, if your buyer chooses to take the furniture package as well, we will refund you your money. So, not only will you sell your property more quickly, perhaps even at a premium, but you can do so without having to pay a penny!

While this might sound too good to be true, we are happy to confirm it isn’t. Our expertise selling teak furniture allows us access to an enviable range of items, and we look forward to working with clients to address their needs and present their properties alongside our furniture in a truly breathtaking arrangement.

Coffee Table

Reclaimed Coffee Table with Drawer

Help your Buyer see a Home, not a House

Crawling property websites can leave you feeling as empty as the properties on offer. It can be hard to imagine the scale of the rooms you are viewing and thus how your lives might fit within those four walls. Using our services, you can provide prospective buyers with a visceral experience other properties can’t match, by filling your property with our beautiful furniture to help set the scene your buyers are dreaming of.

Viewing one of our lovely teak root or suar dining sets along with one of our perfectly matched teak dressing tables can turn an empty box into the dining room of someone’s dreams. Not only will this help alleviate any questions or concerns buyers might have, but even imbues them with the feeling that your property is the one they have been looking for in the process. 

3 Seater Sofa

Genesis of our Service

In 2019 we were contacted by a client through Instagram who popped by our showroom a day later to suggest a proposition that immediately caught our attention. We worked together to come up with a package for a new build property he was looking to sell right here in Cornwall, to help their potential buyers get a sense for how the various spaces could be utilised effectively. From this first successful project we have solidified our offer and provided others with the same simple fixed fee service that has helped our clients achieve their property goals.

‘We loved working with Rustic House to sell our property. Their furniture was beautiful. Their service is creative and massively helpful.’

Occasional Furniture

Home Staging for You

If home staging is something you are interested in, please do get in touch. We look forward to working with you to help your property reach its potential and engage the interest of potential buyers, with the addition of our beautiful furniture and eye for detail.

For further information, check out this short video that summarises our service and provides a further sense of how we can help you and your prospective buyers streamline the home-owning journey!

Rustic House - Flat Fee Furnishing from Idenna on Vimeo.


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