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How to get your Holiday Home Visitor Ready

Renting out a holiday home comes with the responsibility of making hundreds of decisions before a guest even steps foot in your property. This mountain of choices is easily overwhelming, and many of us need pointing in the right direction before we embark on creating a holiday-ready space. 

So, whether you’re renovating from scratch or updating the current décor, here are our top tips to help you prepare your holiday home for an unforgettable stay!

Welcome with Style

It’s a fact that first impressions mean everything, and with no do-overs it’s important to make sure the first time your guests walk into their accommodation is one they never forget - the ultimate signal that their holiday has begun.

So, when was the last time you considered the view from your front door? Many of us don’t even register what we see, which simply screams of the need for a refresh. Unlike most places in your home, you can make the most of the singular entry point to create an aesthetic, eye-catching, breath-stealing view.

Hang a piece of artwork or proudly display a sculpture, create a space entirely dedicated to welcoming your guests that excites them whether they’re entering after the longest of journeys or returning from a day out. Instead of empty corridors or the occasional shoe rack, set the tone of your property and create a memory instantly!


Embrace Nature 

Holidays are all about escaping your regular surroundings and refreshing the soul. There’s no better way to do this than connecting with the natural world; the furniture you fill your space with is an immediate, tangible way to have this constantly close to hand.

Texture is the name of the game here, and there’s no substitute for authentic wooden furniture. The pattern and colour of the grain is often imitated but never bettered, adding some serious layers to the layout of the room. Couple this with some fabric in the form of a throw or a few pillows, and you can capture a timeless, travelled look all for yourself.

If you want to go all in on the natural aesthetic, our teak root coffee tables are lifted straight from the Earth itself. Topped with tempered glass for the ultimate blend of practicality and style, use one as the centrepiece of your living room to really make a green impression.


Reflect your Surroundings

Your guests will be arriving to their new home with a certain idea of the area in mind, so playing up to this vision to create an idyllic space can really drive demand. Are you a seaside escape in Cornwall? A modern metropolitan dream in the city centre? Or a totally rustic rural throwback?

Committing to a theme in this way allows you to be equally committed to your furniture; a complete set of statement dining furniture goes a long way towards creating a distinct personality within the home. Plus it’ll be something that will look great on their Instagram account, giving your holiday home a complimentary shout out to all their followers!

Equally, subverting these expectations can be a particularly effective way of creating a memorable stay. Take the Kernowfornia title literally and create a modern, stylish getaway by the sea - blending the rustic with the future to capitalise on a timeless trend.


Accessorise for Every Occassion

Depending on what time of year your guests pay a visit to your holiday home, the activities they fill their days with can vary pretty wildly. From relaxing with a glass of something ice cold in the middle of summer, to cuddling up under a blanket with a mug of something steaming on winter nights, your little escape needs to be prepared for every eventuality!


This is where accessories become your best friend; elegant wine racks, chic display bowls and practical storage solutions work wonders in every season. These little quality of life touches contribute to a home feeling lived-in, no matter how long your guests’ stay lasts - the independence of catering for yourself with the amenities around you is invaluable when you’re in an unfamiliar space.



Soft Lighting

Getting away from the working routine of staring at screens and spending all day sat in a harshly lit office is one of the best things about holidays, so it’s your job to provide the complete opposite of this for your guests.

Make use of every window available to you in the property by positioning furniture accordingly with natural light sources to create a welcoming, inclusive feel. Daylight encourages conversation and positive attitudes towards the space, constantly working in the background towards a relaxing, replenishing break.

In the evenings, providing lamps is a surefire way to extend those sundown vibes and capture a dream-like atmosphere; the perfect backdrop for taking photos of quiet nights in.


Table Lamp 

Most Importantly, See Yourself in Your Home

In every sense imaginable! If you are able to envision yourself living happily ever after in your holiday home, that’s a very encouraging sign that you’ve provided everything your guests could conceivably need for the duration of their stay.

Likewise, if you can step into every room and see the fingerprints of your design style reflected in the furniture and layout you’ve chosen, it’s a safe bet that others will too. People will connect with the passion you put into the space, an infectious joy that will keep them coming back for more!

After all, this is your adventure! A holiday home is literally a blank slate, a chance to experiment and discover new things about your interior design dreams, before making them a reality. 

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