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How to Create Space in your Home this Christmas

Whisper it, but Christmas is just around the corner! With it comes all the worries and stresses of hosting - where will people sit, is there enough room for the buffet, where will the presents go?!

Fear not though, here at Rustic House, we’ve got you sorted. 

Whether you're having the whole family round, just a small celebration, or escaping to a holiday home this year, we’ve put together a list to revamp your home and create more space for you and your loved ones.

Teak Root Oval Dining Table

An eye-catching dining table sculpted from tree roots, maintaining all the natural curves and grooves of the authentic teak wood, each piece is completely unique and has its own story to tell. 

Perfect for those who want to make a statement, but also love getting outside. Fit up to 4 round the table for an intimate yet stylish Christmas, with a bohemian edge.

Oval Teak Root Table

Rectangular Reclaimed Teak Dining Set

Having some more people round? This stunning dining table can fit up to 8 people. Made from reclaimed teak boards, this piece is practical and made to last, with a simple finish.

Reclaimed Teak Dining Table

Reclaimed Pine Bench - Farmhouse

Or maybe you need to create some space for family games. This shabby chic bench is a great addition to park the kids on during charades or Pictionary. What's even better is that it's a stylish decor piece to keep after Christmas. So get the games out this year to enjoy with the whole family, without worrying about floor space!

Reclaimed Bench

Teak & Metal Kitchen Counter Stool

But, if you want more seating for the breakfast bar or kitchen counter, these stools are a sleek and sophisticated option. Not just for Christmas, these are great for everyday use if you're preparing for having more people around throughout the year.

Teak Kitchen Stool

3 Seater Sofa - The Charlestown

Maybe you don't need more dining space however. What you need is a comfortable place to curl up in front of a Christmas film. This simple yet luxurious sofa can carry the family for many Christmases to come. Whether you are welcoming new family members or seeing the same faces, make sure you get together in the most cosy way possible. 

Charlestown Sofa


There you have it, a selection of stylish and practical pieces that will accommodate your loved ones. Made to last, these pieces are quality, inspired additions to expand your home with. 

So this Christmas, treat yourself to something that will make all your future Christmases special from Rustic House.

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