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Beautiful Accessories for the Perfect Night In

One of our favourite times of year is that period just after midsummer, where the nights draw in and we start to think about those cosy evenings snuggled up indoors.

So, to make the most of this time of change, why not try a little refresh on the accessories and feature pieces in your home, ready for spending a bit more time indoors? Some small, targeted changes can make a big difference, subtly re-styling your space to create a completely new feel!

We’ve got some lovely wooden accessories that can spruce up your space for the longer evenings we’ll have during autumn and winter. Wood is a wonderful material for homewares - a renewable and sustainable resource, each piece features unique grains, patterns, textures, and lustres, and brings warmth and character to your interior design.

Wine Rack

Those who love their wine know that bottles are best stored flat until you’re ready to open them, and this beautiful wooden wine rack lets you do exactly that, in style. Shaped from a single piece of suar wood, the natural contrasts in colour between the lighter sapwood and darker heartwood are beautiful and unique. And whether you’re a wine drinker or not, you can use this gorgeous piece to save space in your kitchen or fridge.

6 Bottle Wine Rack

Chopping and Serving Boards

It’s time to look forward to some indoor feast nights - and you can make a mouthwatering dinner a treat for the eyes as well with these gorgeous serving and chopping boards. Each one is completely unique, with individual texture and grain depending on the specific root or piece it’s been made from. Whether you’re serving up chunky bread for hearty soups, or after-dinner cheese and crackers, these lovely pieces will take on a character of their own in your home through use and wear, becoming a beloved piece over the years.

Chopping Boards

Candle Holders

If you’re looking to create a soft and warm atmosphere for your night in, candlelight is a sure-fire winner here. You can be incredibly versatile with your styling - try a statement setting with a pillar candle, opt for a dreamy, ethereal look with sculptural roots and tea lights, or mesmeric pools of light in gorgeous reclaimed wooden bowls. Whatever you choose, candlelight is gentle on the eyes and guaranteed to bring a fresh perspective to your home.

Candle Holders

Feature Bowls

You can add a new focus to a room simply by adding a strong centrepiece to a dining table or other surface. Our feature fruit bowls are just the ticket for this - available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles, some are very sculpted with a carrying handle, and others more open and natural look with live edges. Whatever your choice, these bowls are showstoppers!

Pots, Bowls and Vases

Log Baskets

We love an evening snuggled around the fire with a good book, so if you’re one of the lucky people that have a log burner or traditional open fireplace at home, we love this wickerwork basket for keeping your logs all neat in an Insta-ready stack. Lightweight, light in colour, and space-saving, it brings an aesthetic appeal to a practical piece of furniture.



If you don’t have a fireplace or logburner, you can always bring an artistic focus to your living space with a statement piece like our teak root sculptures. In their upside-down form, these roots are visually like the branches of a tree, creating the feeling of rhythm and movement in a solid piece, and create beautiful silhouettes and shadows depending on the light. We think these natural forms have a deeply calming and contemplative quality, and can bring a sense of the outdoors and natural world indoors to the comfort of your home.


So there we have it - some ideas to re-energise your space for cosy nights in this autumn! What are your tips? We’d love to see your photos of your Rustic House goodies and how they’re featured in your own space!

These pieces are part of our ever-changing stock here at Rustic House, and there’s always more to see if you drop into our showroom.

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